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Berakah Music Rockschool Drum Examinations


Berakah Music works in close partnership with Rockschool to motivate and empower a new generation of drum students all across Asia. We aspire to provide all students with a meaningful curriculum and an industry-relevant qualification.

Being committed to the continual advancement of contemporary music education in Singapore, we proudly offer Rockschool's extensive syllabi that covers Teaching and Performance Diplomas, Vocational Qualifications and Performance Arts Awards. 

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Rockschool Drums: Debut - Grade 8

  • Three Performances Pieces

  • Technical Exercises

  • Sight Reading [Debut - Grade 5] or Improvisation and Interpretation [Grade 6 - 8]

  • Quick Study Piece [Grade 6 - 8]

  • Ear Tests

  • General Musicianship Questions

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  • TikTok
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