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Berakah Music Drum Lessons Singapore

Singapore Drum School

Berakah (pronounced as Be-Ra-Khah) means 'to bless' in Hebrew.

Located within Singapore's CBD, our school offers quality Drum Lessons that endeavours to hearten and rejuvenate our students from the work week.


Our Drum Lessons are designed to develop every student's creative and expressive skills as a musician, enabling them to realise their full music potential.


 Conducted within a luxuriously furnished space, our studio is acoustically treated and professionally equipped. We provide our students with nothing but the best.

About Us
Drum Teachers
Berakah Music Drum Teacher: Joshua Poh


Joshua has over 15 years of teaching experience and a 100% pass rate guiding drum students under examination boards such as London College of Music and Rockschool London. 


He has performed with artistes such as The Sam Willows, The Voice China Nathan Hartono, and Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali.


Holding a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance, he has also received the Berklee College of Music Master Certificate in Writing and Producing.

Berakah Music Drum Teacher: Lee Jit Seng


Jit Seng has over 15 years of teaching experience, having educated more than 500 drum students from various countries.


After receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Music from LASALLE College of the Arts, he furthered his studies at the The Collective School of Music in New York City.


Jit Seng was invited to judge the Asian Youth Arts Festival Competition in 2017 and the Asian Supreme Drum Competition.

Berakah Music Drum Teacher: Loh Wei Hang


Wei Hang has been teaching the drums both privately and at respectable music schools, educating students of all ages.

Aside from being active in the local music scene, he also holds a Grade 8 Certificate in the Drums at Trinity College London.

Having performed and recorded with several music groups, Wei Hang offers a wealth of experience that he is eager to share. 

Berakah Music Drum Teacher: Nicholas Tan


Nicholas attained his Grade 8 Certificate in the Drums at Trinity College London. 

Complementing his extensive experience in the drums, Nicholas moved on to study Music Theory and History under Cambridge University.

Nicholas also serves in his church's worship team as a drummer, continuing to hone his skills as both a musician and performer.

Berakah Music Drum Teacher: Nicholas Sng


Apart from playing the Drums for our SAF Music & Drama Company, Nicholas is also a section leader at a local Chinese Orchestra.

His experience includes performing and recording with artists both local and abroad. Nicholas also serves in his church as a drummer.

Having taught students of all ages, Nicholas has adopted a positive attitude in sharing his knowledge on the Drums. 

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